Best Free Astrology Reports

Planetary Directions In Astrology Chart

Even in marriage section, we can find the planetary directions of our spouses or the directions of their hometowns by means of the birth chart or the Navamasa chart. In the birth chart, two ruling planets Jupiter and Saturn are said to be placed in the seventh House in which Jupiter goes in the North East direction while Saturn will turn its head to the West.

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Best Free Astrology Reports

In Navamasa chart, Saturn has a West aspect and still stays in the 7th House. Therefore, it’s concluded that the West aspect will show up most of the time, so it’s not that hard to get to know our spouses’ directions with the use of the Vedic astrology.

The Sun will have an East aspect, and be the ruler of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Moon goes in the North West direction while Mars goes to the South. Cancer and Pisces are ruled by the planet moving forwards the North: Mercury. North East is where Jupiter will turn its head to, and Venus seems to have a liking for the South West.

Best Free Astrology Reports

Indian astrology report: It’s stated as one of the most ancient divinatory systems used mostly in India, and still has a big impact on the present society. By utilizing all kinds of constellations of the heavenly objects we could see in the sky, an absolutely distinct report basing on the date, place and time of the querents’ birth is created, which is believed to differ considerably from the one used in China.

Chinese astrology system will use the year of birth as its foundation to let us know if we were born in the year of dragon or horse. As compared to the Chinese version, Indian astrological report is more reliable and precise due to basing on the real stars in the sky.

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